Powerbook G4 Cd Drive


I have a 12 inch Powerbook G4 and my CD/DVD drive randomly stopped working. When I load a cd, it will spit it right back out or not show up on the screen. If I try to burn a cd on I-Tunes, it says "insert blank CD", which I do, and it spits it back out. I have tried using several CDs and resetting the PRAM and PMU. Please help!! Thanks
Sounds like the drive is dying/dead. You might want to do a drive upgrade. There is also a site that has a database on searching for reports on optical drive installs on Accelerate Your Mac.

Also if you Mac still has AppleCare on it, call Apple. Plus if you don't have AppleCare and are not sure on doing your own optical install you can always take your Mac to a local Apple Secialists and have them do the install.
I would try cleaning the lens and making sure your CD's are clean first, but if that doesn't help, the drive is as Satcomer says....dead or dying. Do the cleaning and attempt to startup off a bootable CD. If it fails, start looking for a replacement drive.