powerbook g4 doesnt see PCMCIA card?? help?


ok so for a while every time I inserted a PCMCia cardi nto my 17" powerbook there was a kernel panic.

i've run every possible test and diagnostic until I gave up. I've come back to it a few weeks later and I can insert hte PCMCIa card without the kernel panic - but the computer won't see it (I have a CD drive connected to the 1394 card - it doesnt do anything when a CD is inserted).

please?? anyone??? what may be happening here?

hardwire diagnostic does not see any problems.

also when I go to the apple -> about htis mac -> more info -> PCI/AGP cards there is nothing listed (exceptthe display on AGP).
well, the current one is a Q-Stor 1394 (3 port) card - its mac compatible (says so on hte box).

but thats not the only card its happened with - I tried another card and it simply doesnt see it at all.