Powerbook G4 install disks..work for G4 desktop?


Can the OSX install DVD disks (10.3.4) for a Powerbook G4 be used to install OSX on a G4 tower? Or, is that OSX *specific* to Powerbooks?

Right now, the DVD disks are not readable by the G4 tower (it has a CD drive). I suppose an external DVD drive could be obtained.

There is an Aqua OSX (10.0.4) running on the G4 tower, but it's really old (circa 2001).
There's no guarantee they'll work, as many of Apple's OS X install disks that ship with systems are system-specific. They may work one way (Powerbook -> Tower) but not the other way (Tower -> Powerbook), they may halfway-work, or they may refuse to boot at all informing you that the system is not compatible.

But yeah, as perfessor said, it would be best to support Apple and purchase a legal license for OS X.