Powerbook Startup/stayup


I have a 15" 667 MHz G4 Titanium Powerbook, OS 10.4. I am experiencing some very big problems with my powerbook.

Lately, when using my Powerbook, if I so much as nudge it, bump the table it's on, or pick it up to move elsewhere, it completely freezez. The cursor freezez and nothing will move. Applications can't be swithced either. My only option is to hold down the power button until it shuts down.

Upon restarting, I am almost always greeted with 3 beeps and a black screen. The computer won't start up. I have checked my RAM, removing each chip and trying one at a time, but that doesn't seem to change anything. Sometimes it will start but again, it has become very fragile, freezing with the slightest movement.

Please help before I throw my Powerbook out the top floor window.

Yeah, definately sounds like it needs some "professional" attention. I think it's more than just a RAM issue. Sometimes it starts up fine. But as soon as the Powerbook is nudged, picked up, or moved in just about any fashion, the entire screen freezes, and I have to hold down the power button for 5 seconds to shut down the machine. So frustrating.
Interesting. Did your computer freeze up when you moved it? Did you also have the beeping and black screen when trying to startup? I'll try removing the airport card...see if that changes anything.
It sounds a lot like what happen to me. I was in San Francisco on vacation and went by an Apple store. They wanted to sent it in for repair but I just took it back to the hotel and starting doing everything I could think of. I took the airport card out and it worked fine. Except the airport of course. I replace the airport card and things went good for 6 months. Now I have another problem with it that I can't run down. Let me know if it works. It is worth a shot.
This sounds a lot like whats happening to mine. I jostle it, and I sometimes get a streak across the monitor, then everything freezes up. When I hard boot it, black screen that can last for days at a time, even though all other operations seem to be in order (fans are on, system is running, goes to sleep properly). Other times, usually after I've been carrying it around, I can't get any monitor at all - again sometimes for days. No beeps, though. Not that I've noticed. Any help would be appreciated cause I don't have a clue. :-(