Powermac G5 Makes Click Sounds


ok when i first bought my apple G5

it ran smoothly fast, everything
its just the hard drive.

The hard drive is a little noisy i can hear click sounds when i open applications, but if i close and reopen the application it wont make the same sound.

So im wondering if this can be solved?

thank you very much
What you're hearing is the hard drive accessing it's platters for data. The reason you hear it the first time you launch an application is that the application is not in main memory yet and has to be loaded from disk. Perfectly normal sounds.

When you launch an application for the second time, you usually won't hear the disk accessing data, since the program is still in main memory from the last time you used it, and, therefore, does not have to access the disk to load the program into memory.

Normal, normal, normal.
If it's a steady "click, click, click," then it's possible that your hard drive might be failing. However, as ElDiabloConCaca stated, if it's a "thrashing" sound from the hard drive when you start applications or when you startup the computer, that's just the hard drive accessing data.

Check the following site for sounds of a drive failing and hopefully none of these match the one you're hearing: