Powermac G5 or Mac Pro


Hey guys I was wondering if any one could help me with my little problem that I'm having. The problem that I having is that I can't decide on which computer I should get. I have two chooses which are the PowerMac G5 or the Mac Pro. I always been a Mac Fan but never has the money to get one. The PowerMac that I was looking at is a 1.8 ghz version and the Mac pro that I'm looking at is a 2.8 ghz version. As I told u before I never had a Mac so this would be a first. I'm will be using it for school I'm in the CEET (Computer Electronic Engineering Technology) program and after that will be going to CNS (Computer Networking Systems) and CDD (Computer Dratfing and Design). I need the computer now but only have the money for the G5. It will be bout 3 more month before I can get the mac pro. Any suggesting would be great thanks.


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Without a single doubt in the world, the Mac Pro should be your choice. Anyone who says otherwise is smoking crack.

The reason is that the Mac Pro will last you infinitely longer than the G5. The PowerPC processor (e.g., the G3, G4, and G5) are end-of-life and no longer supported. The maximum OS you can put on that machine is Mac OS X 10.5.

The Mac Pro is upgradeable, and will be supported far longer than the G5.

Unless you need the computer for use this week then intend on throwing it away, get the Mac Pro. The extra 3 months you wait will be worth it in the end.


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Definitely get a Mac Pro instead of a G5. Perhaps you can afford an older or refurbished model instead of the 2.8 GHz one. Where are you able to find a G5 anyway? What's your budget?


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At this point, I would also say the Mac Pro. The PMG5 Macs are quite outdated considering when they first came out. Not worth the expense unless you're into collecting old Macs.


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A new Mac mini wouldn't be that bad an option either, come to think of it. While you might think the Mac Pro has _that_ much more life in it, financially it won't. You might be able to afford a new Mac mini every three years. And while a newish Mac Pro might give you more processing (and graphics) power right now, the _next_ version of the mini you might upgrade to one day will be better. (And replacing the mini then won't cost you the full price, since you'll be able to sell your then old Mac mini for at least _something_.) I still find going from mini to mini quite an affordable path. It might even hold its value (proportionally) longer than a Mac Pro.