PPP Error 246...


I upgraded to 10.0.4 this weekend! :cool:

The good part is, the ppp disconnect problem is gone. :D

The bad thing is, I had an inordniate number of dns-lookup failures. :(

I'm not yet sure whether this is due to some problem on the ISP's side, but to get things working again, I had to disconnect and reconnect.

But at least I finaly got to download _all_ my mail! Whoohoo! :D

If you are experiencing a massive slow down on web access, as well as problems with mail download suddenly just hanging, check Connection.Log (available in Internet Connect; Windows menu.) for dns failures and time outs.



bankmann, are you getting the DNS problems with OmniWeb by any chance? I've had that a couple times myself since upgrading, but if I switch to iCab or IE (without reconnecting) I don't have the problem.



no, I haven't gotten as far as OmniWeb, yet. ;-)

I'm an Opera-fan (Although I have to admit the Wintel version is better than the Mac version...), and want to check that one first.
I got the dns-failures with IE 5.1 and Opera 5.0, as well as with Mail and Eudora 5.0. Ping didn't work either - it just remained silent, and any call out requiring a name resolution, failed.

Keeping the silence of ping in mind, it's not neccesarily dns that is the problem.

But, as I said, it helped to reconnect.

That said, I just read over av MacFixIt that there are still those who experience the ppp disconnect... :confused:

- it's not that I don't know how to spell, my fingers keep getting in the way... -


Checking the TIL on the 10.0.4 update, I see that what Apple has fixed in connection with the ppp-problem is:

"The advanced PPPoE option "Send PPP echo packets" now behaves as expected when disabled. "

So it's not really the bug that has been fixed; it's a related bug that made circumventing the original sinner difficult.

That would say, disaster is still lurking underneath...

Sheesh... that's sloppy work, isn't it?



Well, looks like you're right. Same problem continues. :(

There's been absolutely no difference between the PPP problem ebfore and after 10.0.4. I still keep getting disconnected with ID 264!

Apple please hear me!!!!!!

Can you imagine for this one stupid problem, I have to keep moving back to OS 9.1. I mean I'm willing to run all my applications in clasic mode and go through all kinds of teething problems but this just is too much. I function I need. I cannot afford to log in 10 times to check e-mail in one session.

Looks like my OS X purchase was too damn hasty! But then again the interface, dual processor support... Wow.....

I'm going crazy....




But I do have to say one thing though... the PPP connection is definately more stabilized than before.


I do get disconnected but not as often and after longer times.

So there is an improvement....




I've heard of this problem a lot, and before buying OS X, I was worried about getting it. Well, I bought OS X and have yet to have it disconnect me with an Error 246. I don't know why I haven't been struck by this problem, but I just haven't. And also, my computer automatically connects to the internet on startup and then continues to connect after I tell it to disconnect. I have no idea why, but I actually find it convenient.


Hi all,

I have contacted a friend of mine at Apple Australia, he has been in contact with Software Developemtn in the US... Mac OS X v10.1 will indeed fix this problem.

I've been in constant contact with Apple, trying to solve this, as it's driving me nuts.

I just hope that the update/upgrade is free!

Good luck



10.1 does indeed seem to have fixed this!  :)

Back in 10.0.04, it would quit any time from 5 minutes to an hour or so - under 10.1 I've had several multi-hour connections, and I haven't seen it quit once.  Ace!


sorry its not fixed. there is a huge form out there titled "It's back. PPP issues" So many of us still have the problem.