Preferences reset


This morning a whole bunch of my applications are acting as though they've lost their preferences? Launchbar, Omniweb, Adium, Proteus etc all have lost their license info and prefs settings. Others such as Codetek Virtual Desktop are all perfectly OK.

Anyone have any idea what could have happened?

Anything in the world could have happened -- you installed something that uncovered damage to your hard drive that's been lingering for a long time, you didn't start up or shut down properly (or interrupted either of those), power outage, bad disk maintenance habits... anything.

First thing's first: boot from your OS X install CD and repair the disk. Then, boot back up from the internal hard drive and repair permissions. If that doesn't work, you might want to look into creating a new user and seeing if the same symptoms occur under the new user (which could point to a problem with the former user account as the culprit).