Pretty cool hidden gem in OS X 10.3


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I don't know if you guys know about this but there is a hidden feature in 10.3 where it brings up a blue blob and is quite useful for expose'. Installation and details Right Here.



whitesaint that web browser screenshot looks good. Whats the side pannel on the left and How close is it to finishing?


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I want to say I remember hearing something about it not working perfectly... but, for those who like to tinker, have at it! ;)


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wow cool i never get any compliments, thanks it feels great for someone to like muh work. :eek: as for the web browser, the side panel on the left is a pretty functional "visual tabs" of as many web pages as you want, and im estimating it would be another 10-15 hours of my time to get a reasonably full featured web browser out the door. Unfortunately havnt had any time for months lately and wont have any time for it in the forseeable future. :(

The music player is blocking it, but there is also the web address bar, a define function and a google function on the toolbar. The slider right next to tabs in the toolbar sets the size of tabs big or small as you want.

Use to be making a pretty advanced virtual desktop manager program and i made alot of things in it, (ie transition animations, diff desktop pictures, diff desktop files, hide/close animations, and a controller in the menubar. There's this new app out there (for me anyway) called "You Control Desktops" that takes all of my concepts some steps further, like incorporating GPU use in transition animations (I was using the CPU for transition animations between desktops).


splash ink on your screen and you get a blob. :D


The blob doesn't work for me. It says 'no such job' in terminal.

EDIT: Removed % from the Terminal code, works now... I'm such a tool...