Preview Does Not Show Page Numbers

In OSX 10.11 and before, preview has shown the total page numbers and the current page number in the title bar of the preview window of a pdf file. I'm using macOS 10.12.6 and now preview shows this important information only for some pdf files; for other pdf files the title bar shows only the file name. Why? Is there any reason for this and how can I fix this bug?



Rosie Moderator
Staff member
I noticed that bug as well. You need to scroll down a couple of pages, then it should show the page numbers. The side bar should correct itself as well.
Thanks for the answer. But this does not help in my case. Now it seems I have found at least one issue which might allow to reproduce it: when I get a pdf by an email and I open it directly from within the email (using Preview) then the page number are not present at the title bar. If I first save it to somewhere and open it from this folder, then the page number are there. Thus it seems to have something to do from where I start Preview.

Anybody else who could confirm this strange behaviour?
I never noticed the issue because I almost never open an attachment in an email, maybe once or twice a year. I got out of that habit because of, well, opening attachments from within an email did not always work for me. Saving the attachment first is my normal method.
Yes, it's just a workaround, but the only time it does not work for me is the occasional weird Windows-only attachments that I sometimes receive.
Why doesn't that help you to know how to use a work-around?
The Mail software (or your browser if you use webmail instead) would use a plug-in to open the pdf, where the app doesn't use that same plugin to open a pdf (I suppose)
If you save the attachment first, then open that saved file, then you get the numbers that you like.