Print a "long" HTML page.


I want to print a long-ish HTML page. Of course, I can just print and it comes out on 5 pages. Trouble is, it's not paginated nicely. I can convert it to PDF, but the problem remains.

Can anyone suggest a way to approach this? A way that does not involve a bunch of money or time. It's very likely a one-time thing.
If I don't remember it wrong, Apple's Pages works fine with HTML pages (I have installed MS Office to my MBP).
Here's what I did after searching around a little more.

  • In Safari, save the page as a webarchive to capture images, etc.
  • Open the webarchive in TextEdit.
  • Save from TextEdit as RTFD.
  • Open the RTFD with Pages. Hack at will.
Now it looks just right when printed.