Print Window...seperations


i just got a new printer, and the old print window (with options to select a printer, seperate colors or print composite) no longer pops up, instead its just the print window for this printer pops do i get the old window back? i need to print seperations.
What version of OS X are you using? What programs are you trying to print out of? What printer are you using? What printer driver are you using? What printer definition file are you using?

What do you mean when you say "old print window?" Did you recently upgrade your operating system or the software you're trying to print out of?

Please be much more specific, as you haven't given us enough information to try and troubleshoot your problem.
i'm using os x panther. i'm trying to print out of freehand and illustrator. i have illustrator 10 that i use on os x, then i run "classic" os 9 to use freehand. i also have illustrator 8 that i used to use on os 9. my old printer was an hp 1300, the new one is a brother 5140. i dont know what printer definition file means.

by "old printer window" - i mean the window that used to pop up when i clicked print (os 9) where i selected which program i was using, then i could select seperations or composite and paper size and so on. now when i click print, in classic, the only box that comes up is the Brother box..and it has a seperations box, but it is unclickable...and in os x, in illustrator 10...the seperations option under "file" is not clickable..and also, when i click print in ill. 10, the brother box doesn't come up, but a mac box..where i can choose my printer..but its different from the os 9 one (for obvious reasons) but still the seperations option is unusable.

the only thing i've recently updated/added has been this new printer. i just need to know how to get the seperations option working.