Printer Question, My Canon Model PIXMA MG3620


I have a MacMini, and when I print and the printer page comes up, the only options I am given are, one or two sided, and how many pages I want to print.

But the printed FONTS is always too large AND bold. When I open the Printer SETTINGS, under, "Printers & Scanners," in settings under Options, settings, there isn't a thing regarding those two items that I would like to change, smaller & lighter. Anyone have any idea how, where???

TIA for any info :)
What macOS system version are you using?
What app are you using when you try to print, where the text is too large?
Email? a web page in your browser - Safari, or some other browser?
Have you tried making the fonts smaller before you try to print?

Get ready to print something, like a random web page, or something to print that you KNOW will show the wrong size font when you try to print. Choose print from the file menu. If you get a print window, show a screen shot of that.
So many questions, LOL, 1) I am on, "Catalina," NEVER EVER planning on moving onto, "Big Sur," or whatever it is called :).

2)Not using any particular APP, just hitting, PRINT on whatever I want to print, and it is the print page that the MAC brings up (Down Below).

3) My prefered Browser on whatever device I use is and always has been Chrome, and,

4) No I have not tried reducing whatever's size, good suggestion though. Back OFFline, "The Price Is Right, Time, Bye :)

Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 5.02.29 PM.png
The font in the email doesn't look like it would print very large... (?)

hmm... ah, now I see it!
I suspect that you will see those other settings that you would like to see after clicking the "Show Details" button -- at least that is what I needed to do here...

Yeah - I've got a couple of 32-bit apps that I just can't give up on. One is The Print Shop. (Yes, it's an old, outdated piece of software - that I still use several times a week...) - so my working system remains on Mojave.
I agree with your assessment of Big Sur. I have been trying out the new Monterey. Not wonderful yet, but I think it will be a "fixer" for the various problems that I have had with Big Sur. Apple has occasionally had these "correction" system versions -- Snow Leopard was one. El Capitan, for sure, then Mojave. Looks like Monterey will be one of those, too. Here's hoping :cool:

My most recent fav browser is MS Edge -- at least in my experience, it is in many ways similar to Chrome, without suffering from the long-time memory issues that has never been fixed in Chrome - that's my opinion, take it or leave it.
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Believe me, I have clicked on that, "Show Details," and although at this moment I can not recall what it gave me, it was not a way to choose different FONT options, settings, :), and also none in the Printer Queue (??SP??), when you open that up, there you get, (OPTIONs/Supplies), Supplies on how much Ink is left, Options hasn't those settings either, strange.
I don't recall seeing a normal print window that allows you to adjust the size of the font, but usually (depending on the app that you are printing from) does show you an option to change the magnification, or scale of the entire document.
In my experience, the way to change the font size is not in the print window, but would be changing the size of the font in the app that you are using. An example would be from your browswer, where you can adjust the size of the page, which should be reflected in the size of the font when printing that page.
Of course, I just tried my idea in Chrome, where I never have tried printing for some unknown reason. Chrome, for me, uses a very odd-looking print window, and my idea of adjusting the page size (magnification) changes the displayed page, but the print window does not change the size that ultimately prints. So, Chrome is a little strange, in my experience.

But, as a suggestion for you -- Have you tried resetting your printing system, (which removes ALL printers) then adding back your Canon printer? If there is actually a problem with the printing setup, that reset might help.
"But, as a suggestion for you -- Have you tried resetting your printing system" Nope, haven't tried that, and I'd probably screw it up, LOL.

However, next time, maybe I'll bring up whatever I am wanting to print, from Safari, to see the difference, BUT, I just recalled, I had to save it (No idea why, this changed along the way), I used to be able to print directly from an email, etc, anyway, now if I hit PRINT, the only choice given is to CANCEL or SAVE it first (Must have occurred during one of the MACS dumb updates), LOL. Once saved, then I can print it from the DOWNLOAD folder, which hasn't anything to do with the Browser.
I've not ever been able to print a document directly, without opening that document in some kind of app first.
If you don't choose an app to open that document for printing, your system will choose an app for you, which may or may not be the same app that you used to make that document.
I haven't noticed unusual Save requests - and I am running the early beta for macOS 12 Monterey.

Anyway - the print window that pops up when you are ready to print, will not be the same on different apps, as each app will present that Print window dependent on that app's capabilities, such as the Print window in Chrome is vastly different from the print window in Apple's Preview app.
Which Print App would you suggest??? I'm not really too much of an APP guy, Don't own a Smartphone, just a semi-smart DumbFlipPhone, LOL.

Do have an RCA Tablet, but on a PC, I prefer doing stuff through the browser, just OLD Dinosaur me :).

Well soon offline for our Annual Wellness APPT. Bye, thanks for the help.
I didn't want to make this about "apps". Any app (or program, or browser, or other types of programs) that you might use for whatever purpose is up to you, or it is simply some software that came with your Mac, or is part of the macOS system install. Almost all of those would have some capability to print. But, you also need to use an app (software program) that supports whatever kind of document that you are trying to print.
I am not suggesting which app (or program) that you might use to print a document. There's nothing that I am aware of that you could call a Print App, just apps (browser, utility, program, software, etc) that offer a choice to print. (Some programs don't have a print function at all, but they would usually not be those that can create documents.
You can simply let your Mac use whatever you usually use for whatever document that you might want to print, or simply let your Mac decide.

We are all getting to be dinosaurs, I agree. (Turning a young 73 in a couple of months) So, sometimes keeping up with all this stuff is a challenge!
The teenager next door asked me a couple of days ago if I worked on consoles. I stood there, trying to decide what that was, unti he said it was his Xbox. AHA! game hardware!, Got it!. No, I don't work on those. (sigh...)