Printer Recommendations


I currently have an HP Deskjet 895Cse, but it doesn't seem to have very good compatibility with Mac OS X.

So, now I am looking for a new printer that works with Mac OS X. From what I've read on the internet, Canon's seem good. I was just wondering what model you all think is the best.
I have an Epson Color Photo that works great, and a Brother Laser Network that also works great.
I have an HP 960, works great. My father has an OfficeJet 6110 which I hooked up to all the time when I was at his house, works great. My Uncle has an HP PSC2400 (works great) and the HP 3320, works amazingly well for a $30 printer. I've hooked to both of those many of times with no problems. My cousin has the HP 3740, other than having to download drivers for it I've had no issues using it. He uses it under Panther on a G4 desktop with no complaints ( I'd hear them if there were any since I 'forced' him to switch :) ).

The issue you're probably having has more to do with the age of your printer than anything else. It's from the Windows 98 days...enough said. It's not on a high priority list for a good driver.

HP makes good printers, so does Epson. My next printer will probably be an Epson R1800 or R2400, since I need a wide-format one (13" max). Probably a bit more than you wanted to spend though.

They have a pretty good deal at Best Buy and Office Depot on the R200 and C66 Epsons. It was $99 and $60, I think, respectively. I'd go with the R200 if you can swing the extra $$$. Better resolution, quicker times, and the capability to directly print onto printable CDs/DVDs.
I recently got an Epson Stylus Photo RX510. (There is a newer version out now). It's a multi-function: high-res scanner / transparity scanner / fax / colour inkjet printer / photo printer / with memory card reader / etc. After doing my research I concluded that it was the best one of the lot. I initially already had a scanner - but glad that I replaced it - this thing is so much better and faster. Generally, I felt that Epson was the best for Mac compatibility.

Absolutely awesome. Beautiful prints (6 ink cartridge). Accurate colours. Photo printing like you wouldn't believe. Fast scanner. Fantastic compatibility with OS X - (Epson promptly provided the necessary driver updates for later revisions of Panther 10.3). Probably the best thing I've purchased in the last 6 months.

My advice is you get what you pay for. Be carefull - the printer companys are practically giving the printers away today, but then get you with endless small printer cartridges that need replacing. Be sure to factor in the cost of the cartridges when making your decision (both brand name and non-brand name). The price of some replacement inks is just ridiculous!
Before you make any decision, think about a couple of things. 1) Will the printer work with your Mac (depending on the printer you want). 2) How much do the ink cartridge replacements cost and how many ink tanks are in the printer (sometimes more is better - with a big black tank), plus are those replacements locally available? Printer companies will sell you the really cheap printer, then charge an arm and leg for ink replacements. So please do your homework before you buy a printer.