Problem imac 27

Does the buzzing noise change when you increase the brightness on the screen?
Sometimes the noise will disappear when you either sleep the computer, or turn brightness to the maximum.
The buzzing noise is a common failure, but not "normal", so you should get that repaired.
Take to an Apple store, or an Apple authorized service shop.
Your new iMac has at least 12 months of warranty to replace defective parts.
Likely that a part needs to be replaced, and that will be covered under warranty.
You could also call AppleCare about this, but they will also likely tell you that you need a trip to a service shop to get your iMac back in good order.
No its same if i put the brightness to max or lowest.
So yeah maybe i need to get it back to the store :s
How long does it take normaly to repair somthing ?
I can't tell you anything about the store where you might need to go for the repair.
The service people can give you the best answer about repair time. I would say that you should take it in, expecting to leave it for repair. However, they might repair it while you wait, if possible, and that would be good news!
The Problem is there is a Service center but not verry close here.
Can they come pick it up at home ? , or is it only with Apple Care ?
You can try your local Apple support - Belgium would be (32) 070 700 772
Here in the US, the only option for in-home service is when you have purchased the AppleCare extended warranty.
But, call Apple, and find out for sure for your country. Could be different for you.
Good Luck!
i have a buzzing noise i hear on the top left corner.
I hear it from a distance?
when i set it to sleep it stops.

That's exactly where the power supply is located. I've now seen two Apple cinema displays within a week or so that have the same problem and have a similar (if not the same) power supply.
So a change its a faulty power suply ?
You need to replace it , cause it other problems after a long time ?
Also the weird thing , is somtimes after a few shutdowns its gone for a time.
But gets back after a while
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