Problem with greyed out Mp3 Tunes.


Mp3 Tunes.
Hi. I have a problem importing my mp3 tunes from either my itunes application or my desktop down onto my imovies application. Ican see all of the tunes but they are greyed out and cannot be highlighted ?
I can import music from a cd into imovies but not my mp3's. The mp3 tunes have been downloaded from the web if that helps.Please help.

are you looking at the Library in the source, or your iPod? my iPod screeen is always greyed out, due to it auto-syncing.
Are you sure they're MP3 files? You say they've been "downloaded from the web" -- do you mean purchased at the iTunes music store, or some other online music store?

You cannot use protected files in iMovie projects anymore -- protected files are those purchased from some online music store.
I have tried to import them from my Itunes library, but they are greyed out. It says in my Itunes help file that they have to be mp3's that are supported by Quicktime which they are, so i'm a bit perplexed. They are downloaded from an online music sharing site. How can I find out if they are protected ?
The site you downloaded them from should have some information on the music they distribute -- specifically, whether or not the music is in a protected format. If it's legal, electronically purchased music from a site that is based out of the United States or Europe (not some halfway-legal russian site where music is $0.10, for example), then it most likely has protection attached. I do not know how protection can be attached to an MP3 file, though, and still bear the extension "MP3," so if they did originally have the MP3 extension, they're probably not protected.

I can't explain why iTunes wouldn't import a valid MP3 file... is there any chance you can re-download the song to see if the copy you have is corrupt, perhaps? Beyond that, I'm running out of things to suggest, other than maybe try to convert them to some other format (AIFF) and back to MP3 (or not), suffering slight quality loss. That might make them a "better" MP3 and something that iTunes/iMovie might like.
Would you ming providing a screenshot about them grayed out ones? Also, what version of iTunes and OS X? Try searching for them in finder - if you find any, drag it back to iTunes. It just might be that iTunes has lost track of them fies whereabouts.
Mac OSX 10.2.8 and Itunes version 4.9. Itried to take a screenshot but my Mac tells me it can't find Grab. It says it is not installed.
Have managed to take screen pic of greyed out tunes but I do not know how to attach
it to my message ?
Please excuse my ignorance but I am fairly new to this side of computing.
To attach a file to a new post, simply click the [Browse] button at the bottom of the post composition page, and locate the file that you want to attach from your local hard drive.

Only certain types of files may be attached: these are the valid file extensions for files to be attached to this forum: bmp doc gif jpe jpeg jpg pdf png psd sitx txt zip.
Thanks, here it is, as you can see the actual Mp3's can't be imported as I cannot highlight them ? I am going to see if I can convert them from MP3''s to AIFF's as someone else has suggested. What is the difference between the two types ?


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Just a quick reply to DMCrimson and ElDiabloConCaca. Thankyou both very much for your help. Iam new to this sort of thing and your guidance has been appreciated. I used your tip and converted my Mp3's to AIFF's and they worked. I then converted them back to MP3's and they also worked. The quality was very slightly diminished but hardly noticable unless your names Moby . :D
Anyhow thankyou and I will be visiting again soon, and hopefully in time I may well be able to help others with my experiences.