Problem with Mini & DVI interference


I know it's a problem with the Mini only, because I used my ViewSonic 19" LCD monitor all summer on my G5 as a dual display. I just hooked it into my PowerBook via the same DVI cable and works great.
The problem on the Mini is that there are intermittent dark horizontal lines that flicker on the screen. Obviously this is most noticeable against a light background - like almost all of my files. Following are the things I have tried, none of which make much difference (Apple Support closed today):
1. Turn Bluetooth off, although I have not set up any devices yet.
2. Turn Airport off.
3. Disconnect the audio cable to my Altec Lansing external speakers
4. Turn the speakers themselves off
5. Disconnect the ethernet connection from Mini to printer (no hub/router - it's a direct connection)
6. Use a different DVI cable
7. The DVI cable was wrapped together to save space, as the Mini is only a foot from the monitor, so I unwound the cable entirely in case it was interfering with itself electrically.
8. Moved the Mini further from the monitor, although the fact that there are stands to put a monitor right above the Mini means that this shouldn't work.
This is all the things I could think of to isolate the problem, all to no avail. It's at the point where I'm ready to put the thing on eBay and just stick a 1.8 G5 under the desk, although I don't want to. Again, at the same location with everything the same, but for no Bluetooth installed and the original Airport card vs. Express, my PowerBook hooked up to the same monitor has NO interference - clean as a hound's tooth (although that can't really be very clean, can it?). I would appreciate any other things to consider. Barring that, make me an offer and I'll throw in my Belkin Mini 4-port USB hub. It's not worth having if I have to look at this all day. Thanks.
Don Truett
There are just the ususal options for On Screen Display: Digital or Analog, Brightness, Contrast. All other settings such as resolution are done through the Displays Preference Pane.