Problem with pspell_new() function of PHP


I am using pspell_new() of PHP, but when I try to open the php page in browser it shows

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: pspell_new()
Though it is a PHP in build function. I had already given ext=php_pspell.dll in PHP.ini

My extension folder name is 'c:\php\ext' & I have applied the same in the directive extension_dir =

c:\php\ext in the php.ini file

Does anybody know why pspell_new() is not working or can throw some insight on this issue.

Do you have pspell support compiled into PHP?

If you're not sure, use phpinfo () to find out. Just create a new file like this:

<?php phpinfo (); ?>

When you view the file in your browser, search the page for "pspell". I use pspell, and in my "Configure Command" section I can see "--with-pspell" about halfway through. Also, much farther down, I see a pspell section that has an entry "PSpell Support" which is set to "enabled".
From where i will be able to fine - "Configure Command" section so that I can see --with-pspell"

pls let me know i m confused with this.

Create a new file on your web server called "phptest.php", and put this in it:

<?php phpinfo (); ?>

Then, in internet explorer go to

If PHP is configured correctly on your web server, you should see a whole information page with all of the PHP configuration information, including the "Configure Command" section.

Hope that helps