Problems With Linked Files In Illustrator



We have four Mac's at our site, and two of them has this problem, and two of them don't. All are running Mac OS X 10.3.9 w/ updates and have Adobe Creative Suite Premium installed and patched. All the files are being pulled from Windows servers using AFP.

Linked images in Illustrator files are reported as missing on two of the machines. This happens 90% of the time when opening files. If the user attempts to replace the images manually, they are still reported as missing. If the two machines copy all the data for the Illustrator file to their local hard drives first, then open the .ai files, everything works fine. The problem seems to occur when pulling the file from the network. These machines have no other network-related problems, and we're running at 100 MBs. Any ideas? Do you need more info?

Thanks a lot.



U.S.D.A. Prime
Are the two affected computers connecting differently to the server than the two that function OK? Are you possibly using an IP address to connect for two of them, and a server name for the other two?

Try this: on the two problematic machines, do a "Get Info" on a certain file that resides on the server. Make note of the exact location/address that the "Get Info" window reports. Repeat with the same file on the two good machines, and see if the location/address is being reported differently.

Also, do those problematic machines have permissions to the linked files? How are your user accounts set up, and what are the differences in user accounts between the good and bad machines?