Problems With Reading Blank Cd/dvd


Recently ran into a problem where I would insert a blank CD or DVD and I would get the message:

This disk contains no volumes that Mac OS X can read....Continue or Eject

Before it would ask me what I would like to do..Open in Finder...etc.

What can be the issue?

I ran Disk Utility/First Aid/Repair and still didn't work.
Tried to run in Single User Mode(Apple/S) but it said it wasn't allowed...but it still ran fsck.

CD's with something on them work just fine but blanks are giving me problems now.



U.S.D.A. Prime
Check here:

System Preferences > CDs & DVDs > "When you insert a blank CD:" and "When you insert a blank DVD:"

Make sure both of those are set to "Ask what to do".