Processor Prefpane


I was cleaning up my prefpanes in Maverick. Processor.prefpane would not open. It gave an error. no particular message. I then looked at my Yosemite drive and this item does not even exist. As I recall this item allowed one to select the number of cores that were operating. So what gives?

Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.5)


The processor pref pane is not a standard OS X system component, and never has been.
It is part of the developer tools provided with Xcode.
I don't know if current Xcode for Yosemite still includes that processor pane, but that's where you would want to look.


The Processor preferences pane had been around for more than a decade. However, it was not a part of any OS X default installation. It was part of your Xcode installation and was installed from the /Developer/Extras/PreferencePanes/ folder. The Developer folder is gone the way of the PPC, the HDD, and Rosetta. These developer tools are now accessible through Xcode. The functionality of the Processor preference pane has been folded into the Instruments utility. This utility resides inside the Xcode application bundle. This is how you access Instruments using Xcode 6.3.1:
  1. From within Xcode, launch Instruments via the Xcode/Open Developer Tool>Instruments menu selection.
  2. From within Instruments, select the Instruments/Preferences menu item.
  3. Click the CPUs tab.