ProFTPd sessions bogging down my machine


House pianist
All dock and windows items run fine, right up until the point when a user initiates an FTP session. After the first session begins, all dock movements are sluggish, as are any windows management tasks (moving a window, minimizing a window, switching apps, etc.). REALLLLLY slow.

Note that these are not necessarily heavy FTP sessions. Just beginning a session causes the problem.

The bummer is, even with all FTP sessions canned (and no ProFTPd ghost processes that I can see, and even if I kill inetd as well), the performance problems continue. I'm trying to isolate whether ProFTPd is instantiating any other processes that aren't dying after the sessions themselves end.

Anyone seen anything like this before?
I have been using ProFTP for some time now, and never noticed a problem like this. In fact, aside from some lack of speed problems, which may or may not have to do with ProFTP, it has been running quite nicely.