Quake 3 on OS X error...


Help! I've downloaded the Q3 beta for OSX and it won't work. I've got the full version of Q3 and I've just installed 10.1. I get an error that reads "couldn't load default.CFG." I had the same problem with the last Q3 update for OS9, but I just disregarded it and kept using my older version of Quake. Any ideas?:confused:
I fixed this problem by installing the update over a previously working version. There's no default.cfg there either, but it stopped complaining about it.
All I get when I download the update is a Vise installer...which installs a Quake3 folder with the following components:

baseq3 folder
missionpack folder
Q3DedicatedServer file
MacQuake app (for classic)
Quake3 (OSX app)
Installer log

So I guess I don't get how you "install" the update. I've tried replacing the baseq3 folder (at least in 9) with no success. I still got the error...maybe I'll give it a shot with a seperat installation just for X, then I'll replace the files and see if that does it.
I believe what the actual solution is...is to copy your pak0.pk3 from your CD to your base3 folder in your Quake directory. This should fix the problem.
Install q3 from the cs as normal and install the uppdate in an other map/location. Then you just replace the files (MacQuake3 and pak files)
if you have set com_hunkmegs over default you must assign more memory to the application or you will get that error "Couldnt load default cfg"
Try to take you excisting q3config.cfg out of the baseq3.If that doesnt work
then you have done something else wrong.One third of your ram you can allocate to hunkmegs/default is 56.If you have downloaded a tweaked cfg then that can be the problem if there are some tweaks that your machine doesnt support.

and dont forgett to set

com_maxfps 120
s_mixahead 0.1 ( to gain some more fps)

GL now :)
the com_hunkmegs have simply nothing with the "cannot load default.cfg" error. It is just plain and simple a sign of that Q3 can«t find the default.cfg config located within pak0.pk3.
Yes, in 9, you have to increase the amount of allocated memory if you increase the com_hunkmegs, com_soundmegs etc. The 1.30 for 9 is very sensitive about these values, so you have to give Q3 ALOT more memory than I had to give 1.29 with the same config. I gave 1.29 200 megs, but when I started up 1.30 with the same amount and config, it simply froze everything. I now have 500 megs allocated to 1.30 in OS 9!

Then, if you want your version on 1.30 to play nicely on X, you will have to set

seta s_chunkmegs "2048"
seta s_mixahead "0.1" +/-. On my G4 466 I have to set this value to 0.14!

seta in_mouseHighEndCutoff "0"
seta in_mouseLowEndSlope "0"

there is ALOT of information about this in the
Quake3World Forums

GL :)