Quark 7 & Tiger Question!


Finaly my G5 Duel 2.0ghz arrived in work last week, and after installing all my stuff I thought I had cracked it, but no!

Anyone who uses the apple & H will tell you how much time you save hiding and switching between apps. After installing all the apps eveything was ok apart from Quark 6.1, this command doesn't seem to work in tiger and its driving me crazy!

If anyone has had this problem they will tell you how anoying it is!

Please I need help.

If an application has it's own function for Command-H, then the Apple Command-H to hide won't work. Or, if the application specifically disables the Command-H to hide, then it won't work either.

Pull down the "QuarkXPress" menu and check and see if Command-H is assigned to the "Hide QuarkXPress" menu item. If not, you can get around this using QuicKeys or some hotkeys application.
Actually in ID CS [CMD+H] is the shortcut for Hiding Edges under the view menu. So switching won't do much good for him in regards to the hiding issue. That said, I still totally advocate ID over Quark anyday.
I save time by using Expose. I have it set so when I drag the mouse to the upper right of the screen, all windows are visible.