Question about key commands


I was wondering if you can specify keyboard shortcuts to folders of your choice in tiger? The reason being, there are a couple of folders I access constantly and it would be easier if I could use a key command to open them.

Thanks in advance for your help...


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Easiest way is to put the folders you want into the Dock, and then you can just clidck on them to open them.

Or in the Finder, to press Cmd-Shift-G for the go-to-folder dialog.

Or, you could drag the folders you want into the sidebar of a Finder window and they'll always be there. Just open a Finder window and click for the folder you want.


Ok, thanks for you help. I use those techniques already, and it looks like I will continue to...

Thanks again mate.


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Some programs allow you to specify hotkeys for folders and applications, like the very cool DragThing (available at


Default Folder will let you do it too, with the added benefit of letting you use those shortcuts in open/save dialogues as well.