Question filtering website content


Hey everyone

Well, I'm kinda new to Automator so I hope this isn't a stupid question.

The basic thing a want to do is load a YouTube page from a user in iPod-view.
This user has several video's and I want just the video's with "Piano" in the video title.

Is this possible to do? When I searched for filtering in the "Internet"-tab I couldn't manage it to work :s

So basically what I want to do:
I want to open a Youtube page with only the video's that contains "Piano" in the title of the video.

Maybe another small thing. When I open a Automator-application, this screen stays in front of my other screens. When I click on the other screens, the Automator-screen stays on top. Any solutions?

Tnx in advance


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What you are asking for seems simple in theory, but in reality, it's a bit more complex than you may think. Automator would not be suited to doing this type of thing.

For one, YouTube, as far as I can see, does not offer a way to search only titles (it searches titles, descriptions, usernames, as well as other data). Since YouTube itself cannot do this, Automator probably cannot force YouTube to do this. So, we're left with the following workflow (which is what I mean by "more complex"):

1) Load a YouTube page with the search term "Piano."
2) For each video on the search results page, filter the videos down to those that have "Piano" in their title tag.
3) Somehow remove other videos that do not contain "Piano" in their titles from the search page by custom-editing the HTML of the page and removing those block elements
4) Repeat for each subsequent search results page (since YouTube doesn't put all results on one page)

Just as an idea of how complex this would be, doing a simple search for "Piano" yielded almost 2 million YouTube videos relating to "Piano." That's a LOT of videos.

If you can explain the end-result you're trying to achieve (rather than the process), maybe we can point you in a different direction to a solution that would be acceptable.