RAID 1 inconsistency in status


This is macOS Catalina (10.15.7) on a Mac Pro (late 2013).
I have had a RAID 1 (mirrored) drive for many years, implemented via Disk Utility and a La Cie Thunderbolt enclosure with two SATA drives (JBOD). One drive died and I replaced it; it took ~12 hours to rebuild the RAID on the new drive (as expected). Now, 12 hours later, different Apple tools give inconsistent results (disk4s2 is the new one):

$ diskutil appleRAID list
#  DevNode   UUID                                  Status     Size
0  disk3s2   42EFAB34-0442-460F-A79F-566FA1752FE7  Online     2999999987712
1  disk4s2   63595AAD-824E-4C4A-A486-7FD91368D2AC  Online     2999999987712

Disk Utility (screenshot)
Disk Utility has had disk4s2 "Rebuilding 0.0%" for over 12 hours, while diskutil has shown it "Online" over the same period.

Which status is the correct one?

BTW there is a second problem: I was never notified that the drive had failed, I just happened to notice it when using Disk Utility for something else. I reported that as a bug to Apple.


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It’s because you probably had so much data on it it took a while for it to rebuild it’s index for easy finding. So Depending on the amount of data on Drives that need to be re-indexed!


It took 12 hours for diskutil to say that disk4s2 is online. For this 3TB disk that's 69 MegaBytes/sec, which is a reasonable rate for a copy between these drives.

It is now 3 days later. diskutil still says disk4s2 is "Online" and Disk Utility still says it is "Rebuilding: 0.0%".

I am discussing the RAID status, not any "indexing". Which of those two RAID statuses is correct?