Re-partition QuickSilver?


:) I'm so very anxiously awaiting my 867 machine (60 gig HD; 1.5 gig RAM :D)! In the meantime, I've been trying to understand everyone's theory of partitioning the drive. To some extent, I understand how it used to speed things up in older MacOS versions, but does it help out that much with OS X? And what's with this swap file, is that a form of virtual memory? How do I put that somewhere else?

My machine will come with software pre-installed (Apple basics), so should I repartition the 60 gig hard drive still, then manually reinstall everything? I plan on using OS X maybe about 75% of the time, and booting into OS 9.2 25%; I'll probably use classic in its shell kinda often. I have also seen somewhere about having an OS X with OS 9 partition, then a seperate OS 9 partition. Any reasons for this?

One thing I've noticed with older versions of the OS and partitions is if you put your apps on a seperate partition (with an alias to the folder on the OS partition), then updated the OS, it would create a new apps folder on the OS partition instead of following the alias left behind. Does OS X have the same behavior?

Lastly, anyone know some good beginner's books on the unix stuff? I've helped people out with problems pre-OS X, but wary of dabbling with Unix until I get more knowledge, play around with it, crash it, and all that other fun stuff!

Thanx to all for any help & suggestions!

UPDATE: I've got my sweet machine! :D I know people have asked about these partition questions before, but it always seems to be revolved around their specific machine & their needs; that's why I'm asking what might be suggested for mine. Anyone?



I would just leave it the way Apple sent it and go from there. I heard that the partitioning scheme is less confusing but not needed. If you run into some problems with the OS 9 folder becoming "UnBlessed" then you might find it easier to put your HD on a CD-RW, partition it and then reinstall everything.

How is your system? I am looking into getting a D800Mhz with 1.5G RAM. Was it worth the money? I have an old 8500 and boy is OS X slow! I do some work as a website designer but $5,000 is alot of money for a 13yr old! The thing with this old system is I have to boot into 9.1 to get on the Internet since for some reason X doesn't like my USB modem. It is also slow as a snail, taking Classic 20+ min to start!

Go to Apples OS X website at, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Books on Mac OS X" link in the left corner. Browse through their list and choose a couple. you probably will not crash OS X very often unless you are doing some serious hacking. I have been running OS X for over a month now and have never had to reboot because of a system crash or freeze. Be careful with how much messing around you do though! OS X can be ruined just like 9.1 can!

Well, if you need anything else just let me know!



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I had terrible problems when I put /Applications or /Users or /Developer on another partition. Partially to blame is the .pkg installers that kills symbolic links. Software Updater (uses .pkg) also messed stuff up.

I repartitioned (again) like this:

300MB swap partition (you won't need to worry about that!)
1GB OS 9
Rest of 20GB drive for OS X.

There's good reason to put your home folder (normally /Users) on another partition, but don't do it with a symbolic link. Use NetInfo to change your users' home directories to something like /Volumes/UsersVol/joe, etc.