real 1.8" HDD current technology

Lt Major Burns

"Dicky" Charlteston-Burns
does anyone know what the current level of technology is in terms of HDDs? specifically 1.8 inch drives....

basically, iriver and creative had 60gb and 80gb models out long before apple gotthe 60gb out, and now iriver can have 120gb... where does the technology currently stand, in reality?

also, is 4gb the biggest flash currently available? how long before flash starts to make an impact on full-fat ipod?
Samsung announced today that they'll be bringing 32GB (16 NAND chips) flash based memory to the market soon.
Those bigger drives are 2.5" drives. 1.8" drives top out at 60 GB currently and are said to go 80 GB in 2006 only IIRC.
Then that solves it -- just because Creative/iRiver/whomever has a huge 80GB drive doesn't mean that they beat the iPod to it, simply because those hard drives are a completely different form factor.