Recommend a good, reliable Hard Drive.


I'm UK based. I have my Time Machine on a G-Tech 1TB external hard disc attached to the iMac by a Firewire 800 lead. It's been working for a long time with no problems.

As the 1TB has been good, I decided to get a G-Tech 2TB drive which is chained to the 1TB disc for some one-off backups and cloning. This 2TB drive has been dropping out (as posted in a post last autumn). It's always on, but it has been undiscoverable once and on more than one occasion it has not appeared on the desktop. It's partitioned into two equal parts.

I think I need to replace the 2TB with something reliable. Any recommendations or experience? Something 2TB or larger.

I used to have a LaCie, but their customer service was rubbish. Apple store are selling some "WD" branded ones. Any good?


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WD is Western Digital. I haven’t had any problems with their drives.


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As long as you don't use the included Western software. You go around and see they don't use the OSX native X-Code and during the 10.9 Upgrade erased people's externals using the Western software.

So just don't use their included software and you will be fine.


Ah! No!

The WD drives at Apple are Thunderbolt only. My iMac is too old for Thunderbolt. :(

The only Firewire 800 drives in the UK Apple Store are G-Tech.

Lets have a look at other suppliers.