Recommendation on Journal/Writing Software


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I am looking for a free or cheap software that is similar to a writing journal to store thoughts and ramblings. Something to allow me to throw out my thoughts of the day and allow me to look back and reflect on what I am going through. It doesn't have to have a lot of bells and whistles. The main thing I would like it is a dropbox feature to sync to other computers. iOS counter app would also be nice but not required.


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Textedit is included with your Mac and is actually quite powerful as a text editor, while saving in standard formats that most editors can read. The only other simplistic editor I can think of off the top of my head is WriteRoom, which does a good job or removing distractions. It looks like you have to pay for that now, though. There's plenty of editor reviews at MacWorld if you'd like more options;


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I use TextWrangler for a lot of my normal note taking needs. I was originally looking for more of a journal/diary. However, I am more than capable of following a naming schema on my txt files (date_journalname_etc) and saving them in a specific directory to be synced. No true need for an all inclusive app to do the easy work for me.

Or, I just make a private Wordpress account and access that from anywhere....hmmm.


There's dozens of listings at the App Store for journal or diary software. You may find something that is more to your liking there... some are free...


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I use Ulysses for writing, but for the rambling or journaling type of writing.

Anything I want synced with different sources works nicely with Evernote. It's quite basic for the writing/journaling part, but it could do. And you definitely can drop files, images etc to it, and access your stuff from any device. I use Evernote to sync some files between my MBP, iPhone and iPad - also very practical for getting a few photos out of the iPhone without uploading them to a website or using iTunes. I've also read a few manuscripts (up to 700 pages in some) with Evernote - open the .doc first in something else, then export to .pdf, read the PDF in Evernote on iPad.

And if you blog, anything that would support the blog of your choice - e.g. Wordpress has some nice, basic blogging software.