Recommendations for Thesaurus?


Hello All,
I recently purchased and downloaded the Short Oxford Dictionary which I'm quite familiar with; now I'm thinking about a good thesaurus but don't which is best for the iMac. Any suggestions for a truly excellent thesaurus, one that perhaps allows cross referencing? Thanks for your time, Sparrowhawk.
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Are you using Dashboard? Apple included a Dictionary/Thesaurus which I use extensively.
Actually, Cheryl, as a writer, I need something more heavy duty and classical. Where is the Dictionary/Thesaurus you mentioned? It's not in my Dashboard. Is this a free download from Apple? Actually, it's been so long since I used Dashboard, I don't even know how to summon it--I had to use Searchlight.
The Dictionary app is the one provided in OS X. It's in the Applications folder.
It has Oxford American Dictionary, Oxford American Writer's Thesaurus, Oxford British dictionary and thesaurus, and also English-Japanese dictionary references, too.
Also, gives you direct access to relevant Wikipedia articles.

You'd have to try it to decide if it suits your needs.
Try the included Dictionary app (that was already mentioned).

I use it all the time on the Macs (it works, is pretty comprehensive, gives IPA pronunciation too, and it's free and adless) - and if looking for an iOS version, app. Because I need the exact meanings, etymology of words, some wikipedia type trivia (often wikipedia separately is a good source too - very often if you're wondering if a specific word or concept exists in other languages too)... words are so curious.