Recovered .MOV files won't open in Quicktime

Tony Capobianco

Okay, so I accidentally deleted some footage I captured into final cut on to an external hard drive, so I installed Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery to get them back. Now that the scan is finished and I managed to recover the files, the .MOV files refuse to play in quicktime. Only certain ones can play in quicktime, but all I get is a black screen with no sound.

I've done the following things since then:
- Downloaded Stellar Phoenix MOV repair, and it did nothing
- Attempted to convert them using Handbrake
- Downloaded VLC player, and that didn't help

Is there any working solution that can get these MOV files working again?

- Thank you
When you converted them in Handbrake you should have Previewed them before converting. Do they show up in the Preview function of Handbrake?
The mistake being made is to believe that the issue is QuickTime issue. It is instead a file recovery issue. The OP has given us no information about the volume from which his videos were recovered, or the volume to which they were recovered.