Registry Entry In Excel For Mac


Hi there,
I am trying to install an add-in library for excel for mac. The problem is
that the way it is installed, is by downloading an exe file from the web.
So what I've done is open Virtual PC and downloaded the files on to a USB
external drive and am trying to draw the add in on mac OS but am having
I asked the creator of the add-ins what the exe files do. His response was:

"Apart from copying files around the only thing the setup exe does is
a registry entry with a path to the control file (iLib.txt).

The entry is: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wingate\iLib\Paths\Control

Where xx is the control file path,
for example 'c:\program files\ilib\ilib.txt'

So on a Windows machine you would copy iLib.xll, iLib.hlp and iLib.txt
somewhere, add the registry entry and then pick up the xll file in Excel
using Tools/Add-Ins.

I'd imagine it would be the same on an Apple, although I don't know
and how you would add the registry entry."

So I have the 3 files he is talking about but it seems there is a problem
with the registry key. Do you know where and how to add the registry key on
Mac OS? Or do you know of any other solutions?

I am new to Mac. I just bought the 17 inch powerbook with all the latest

Appreciate your help on this.


David Cristescu
The Mac OS X does not have a registry, nor is there any use for a registry.
the files you have, probably go in with the other Office plug-ins in the Office folder. No other installation except placing the file in the right place. I couldn't tell you if a file designed to be used with the Windows version of Office would work on the Mac version at all.
Why are you download a Windows file for your Mac version of Excel? And another thing--the Mac has no registry. The biggest mystery of all exactly what are you trying to add to Excel? Microsoft certainly has nothing like you are trying to install.
As far as I can remember, if there were any add-ons, thhey were included with the official Office for Mac CDs. You might have to start the install process and select to Customize the installation. There you might see aditional options such as any add-ons for the Office for Mac products.

The other option is to check on Microsoft's Mactopia page (which is their page for the Mac) and see if they have any Macintosh versions of add-ons for Mac Office.
Since the thing depends on this registry key, it simply _won't_ work on MS Office for the Mac. You'll have to use it in VPC instead. (If you have Office for Windows, that is.)
Would it be remotely possible that they would work if you installed them in your "Applications > MS Office > Office > Add-Ins" folder? That's where plugins like Adobe's Office plugins go. It looks like the registry entry just point to the location of a file and doesn't contain any config information.

I guess it would depend on whether the plugin relies on Windows APIs or not. I'm not sure if an .xll is cross-platform or not.