Remap Finder Keys?


As a new OS X user from Windows I'm finding the Command+DownArrow key combo utterly retarded as a way of opening a file. Every other program I use in OSX uses Enter for entering the program. Ahhh the logic. I need to remap this key. Do you think its possible? Also I want only Delete to delete. Not some Command+Delete/Backspace combo. What's with having 2 keys (both named Delete) on the Apple keyboards? Is there any logic to that? How about one key for Delete (say like the Delete in Windows) and the Backspace for Backspace. More logic. I love so many things about this OS and am determined to never go back to Windows so it sure is great that you people are helping out little guys like us stay afloat in this new medium. But the lack of integration of simple things like keyboard commands are profoundly illogical and show a distinct lack of vision on the part of the desigers of OSX. If they made the commands closer to Windows a lot more people would try the OS and switch. Or they could have a Windows based command group and a traditional Mac based command group for experienced Mac users. Learning new commands is like learning a new language. Not much fun.
Never fear because the answer to your problem is more simple than you realize. Just open your System Preference from the Doc, then select the pane Keyboard & Mouse. There you will find "Keyboard Shortcuts" and you can make them any way you please.

Now for some advice. since you are a windows convert with some set computer habits, you need to literally to "Think Different" about computing (sorry about the stupid quote) habits. I strongly suggest going to your local computer/book store and pick up David Pogue's "Mac OS X : The Missing Manual, Tiger Ed". The book is well worth the price and is an easy, fun read that will make you into almost a power user.

First of all Norton is VERY BAD for the OS X platform! System Works was discontinued over a year ago! If you ever buy a Repair disk, stick to the champ for OS X, DiskWarrior. The second hint is about Disk Utilities "Repair Permissions". I can not stress enough about doing the "Repair Permissions" about every two weeks and after big software installs. Think of this procedure as preventative maintenance.