Remember Kids 5g64 Nor 5g68 Are Final Releases!


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I have seen many posts in recent days where people seem to think 5g64 is the gold master build. In fact 5G68 is the GM but regardless of all of this, Mac OS 10.1 is the shipping version of OS X that was just released, not 5G68. Why is this, it is because 5G68 was the last build released to developers. OS X.1 was finished with internal testing. If you want the final version get the X.1 cd.
A) How do you know 5G68 was the last build released to developers?
B) Even the final version will have a build number. Click on About this Macintosh and then click where it says "Mac OS 10.1" It will then tell you the build number. Mine is 5G64.
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I have seen many posts in recent days where people seem to think 5g64 is the gold master build. In fact 5G68 is the GM but regardless of all of this, Mac OS 10.1 is the shipping version of OS X that was just released, not 5G68. Why is this, it is because 5G68 was the last build released to developers. OS X.1 was finished with internal testing. If you want the final version get the X.1 cd.

And how do you explain this post on the Apple Carbon Development mailing list archive?

Is Apple lying to it's developers for some reason?
I am glad I have 5G64 now, as the real thing ordered through the Apple OS up-to-date program won't be here for God knows how long. If it gets better than this, great!

Well kernel_panic had the proof in his above post with the link to the apple dev-list.
Maybe im retarded but I have read about a lot of people using 5G68 as the final build. Check this is where im getting most of my argument off of. I have just heard a lot about internal seeding.
I just got back from SeyboldSF. Were Apple was handing out the update. I just installed it on my TiG4 and the is what it says
Welcome to Darwin!
[localhost:~] don% sw_vers
ProductName: Mac OS X
ProductVersion: 10.1
BuildVersion: 5G64
[localhost:~] don%
Seriously people this is just as childish as all the flame wars over the build number of first release of OS X 10.0.0..

Are we really going to rehash this all over again?
Well, it's not hard to modify OS X to tell the user that it's build 5G68 instead of 5G64, so this could be the case. Or, it could really exist, but only available to selected AppleSeed members. I don't know...
actually i believe the thing with the internal seeding, i have 64, but it has childish bugs that are simnple to erase, i'm shure the store 64 is different than adc 64.
yes, and when you hit "Abbout this Mac" in the Seybold release, it says 5G68. Regardless of that, he is right. There is a difference between the developer version (and don't forget, all the version we have talked about are developers versions which where never released for the public) 5G68 and the final release. If you want a list of differences between 5G68 developers preview and the final GM, just send me a private eMail and I will send you a looooong list with very unimportant things which differ.
finally someone cleared my doubts. it seems i'm gonna ask my boss to get the store 10.1 and bedone with that!
So my question now is this:

I have already ordered the 10.1 update from Apple. If I install the 5G64 build now (already downloaded and burned), will I be able to upgrade again with the CD I get in the mail to resolve whatever minor differences there may be between the two, or will the release CD complain that I already have 10.1 installed and refuse to work?
how would anyone know unless they travelled to the future and back, but my predicament is that yes you will, as i've doen that myself with the adc version
As for people saying that they saw 5G68 at Seybold. Must of been seeing something that I was not, because every mac I checked it said 5G64. I checked alot of them. If you goto "About this Mac" to check it will only say 10.1. I used the terminal to check by typing sw_vers and I got 5G64.
I literally cannot believe I am seeing this thread. It just blew my mind. I kept reading and reading thinking someone was going to set the original poster straight, and it never happened!

This brings back ugly memories of deja vu from the whole Mac OS X 10.0 (4K78) fiasco.

I'm going to say this once, and once only: there is only one build of Mac OS X 10.1, and it's build 5G64. There are no newer builds. Not even for a potential update to 10.1. There is no 5G68, and never was. There is no 5G70. There are no builds beyond 5G64, anywhere, and you can take that to the bank. There are also not multiple 5G64's. There's one and one only, and there's no difference whatsoever between what was given out at Seybold, what ADC got online, what ADC will get in the mail, and what you'll get if you get the official CD from Apple. It's all 5G64, and it's all the same. I don't know how much more simply or explicity to put it.

The whole purpose of build numbers is to have a unique identifier for a build, for a multitude of reasons. It would not make any sense to have different versions of the same build; that defeats the very purpose of a build number. If ANYTHING changes, by very definition, it has to be a new build. It's as simple as that. Also, Apple had multiple GM candidates before arriving at the final GM candidate that was accepted as GM (5G64). There were no builds run after this, and none were ever started. There was never even a 5G65. You can believe what you want, but it's the truth.

Back with the whole 4K78 deal, a lot of people wouldn't believe that the shipping 10.0 was 4K78. They swore up and down that there MUST be newer builds; their friend/neighbor/dog had SEEN fact they must be in the 4K90's by now! But, alas, it was 4K78. When it became clearer and clearer that 4K78 was 10.0 GM, people couldn't take it. They said, "Maybe Steve has a secret stash of the real 10.0!" But then when it shipped on March 24, and they got their own hands on it and installed it, they still couldn't believe it. They saw 4K78 in the about box, and didn't know what to do. So they started making stuff up. Things like "there must be multiple 4K78's...maybe even dozens" or "well the developer 4K78 has all the debug code in it, and the real 4K78 is recompiled to make it super-lucky fast". Unfortunately, that's all wrong. The developer 4K78 and the retail 4K78 were identical. Byte for byte. Bit for bit. In every way. We even ran checksums on them, including md5 (a checksum for comparison of files with no known way of defeating it). Identical. People still wouldn't believe it. To this day, there's still some people who believe that the retail 4K78 is somehow faster. Well, I guess they can think whatever they want, if it makes them feel better.

So if it makes you feel better to think there's multiple 5G64's, or that there's secret builds out there (like 5G68 and other things that don't exist and never have), feel free. Just as long as you don't mind being completely, totally, 100% wrong. more time:

There is only one 5G64*

There are no builds higher than 5G64, anywhere**

No one has build 5G68

* Note: there *are* two different versions of the 5G64 CD: an updater and a full install. The update CD checks if you have a previous X installation and the full install will be in the retail box and with machines. But there's still no difference between the builds of 5G64. It's a unique identifier that will never change.

** Note 2: Before anyone says "well that's rediculous...maybe 5G64 is 10.1 like you say, but certainly there's builds newer than 5G64!" Nope. Not right now. In the build series which culminated in 5G64 (10.1 GM), there are no newer builds. And everyone who worked feverishly on it at Apple is taking a well-deserved break.
Point one as Steeve said no one is taking a break form anything!!!!
Point 2 happens that i have G68... and it is not just a number that is changed.. it might not be the one in the cd it might be another candidate...but IT's REAL either you wanna believe or not my friend
"As Steve said"? Uh, 10.1's done. It was 5G64. They don't just keep creating new builds *after* a GM candidate is accepted as GM! Do you know how much work it takes to run a build? There were builds DAILY toward the end, and they STOPPED at 5G64. They stopped, because 5G64 was accepted as GM. That's it. Done. The rush is over. People are taking it easy for a few days. Trust me.

Have fun with your fantasy build. Maybe you can teach the tooth fairy to use it too.