Remember Kids 5g64 Nor 5g68 Are Final Releases!


Glad to see you spreading wisdom over here, too.

I actually had my doubts, but you've never been wrong - at least not that I've ever seen.

Which all makes me a bit bummed about G64... it's one of those "close but no cigar" builds... the bugs take a while to find but they're there - so I move from anxiously awaiting 10.1 to anxiously awaiting bugfix 10.1.1

Thanks for the input... even though it broke my hopes for a slightly better build on Saturday.


Hello walrus.

10.1's an amazing update that hundreds of people worked very hard on. It's still got issues, but look at it compared to 10.0.x! Now that 10.1 is done, Apple can indeed concentrate on more minor things, tweaking, and adding more fun stuff over time. I think over the next few months, you'll be very happy with OS X. 10.1 will be updated, more and more native apps will continue to appear, and classic will be a thing of the past.

Here's to a great future with OS X.


classic is by far from over. it will take years to make the transition to os x 100%. my guess is 2002 at earliest or 2003.

when all apps are being made for x and not 9 anymore, even shareware, then 9 will die. this will take years in my opinion.

if apple takes a break right now, i would give them 7-10 days off in a row. and also add to their saleries 5% per year. They deserve it and need a major break. they also deserve every penny they are getting paid. os x is kinda cool right now, but in time it will be totally awesome. so they need a break and i hope they get it.

i just wish they used a couple OC12 lines and servers galore to make it downloadable. 10.1.
oh well.



Don't get me wrong - I switched over to Mac to use OS X and I love it already. My point was that those easy to fix bugs just didn't make it in the cuttof window for September, and I was holding out hope that a "G68" existed...

Cest la Vie - I can wait 6 more weeks for irksome bugs.


Fark Lover

What bugs are you running into? I'm still waiting for my copy of the upgrade disc (camping out at Fry's tomorrow :) ) and wanted to know if there are any show-stoppers in the build.

BTW: Can anyone with 10.1 final installed confirm that hardware-based DVD isn't supported. If so, can anyone with insider info at Apple let us know WHY and if it will be supported in a later release?


Biggest one I've hit (and maybe this was planned - someone more knowledgeable jump in here) is that on a TiBook, running Classic applications (in my case Entourage, in a friend's case, some 3D app, maybe Lightwave?) have no effect on the system NOT going to sleep. If that doesn't make sense - under 10.0.4 I could leave Entourage on a schedule to check my mail every 5 minutes, and set system sleep to 10 minutes of inactivity. That way, it would never go to sleep unless I shut down Entourage. Now, I have to set the system to go to "never" sleep to get the same effect - regardless of wether or not it's in a network operation or not.

Not a big deal for me, but my friend left a render running overnight as usual, and came back to it the next morning 5 minutes into the render + waking back up :)

Major "logout" and "shutdown" problems that I'm trying to reproduce so I'll know what's doing it (don't know if it's a classic app, etc. causing) - essentially I tell the machine to shutdown or restart and it only kills the dock and finder and turns them right back on. I have to tell it to shutdown, let it sit on the bluescreen for a minute (if it gets there) and hold down the power button through the question cycle until it turns off. This is not a constant thing - why I'm so confused as to what's cuasing it, but I'm keeping my eyes open for a cure.

I had heard that Classic Apps would save to the same OS X desktop and not the os9 desktop as before, but this has not prooved the case for me. Don't know if this was a true feature or not.

And the all-important networking. Getting a lot of "unexpectedly disconnected" occourences - this is going through the Samba connect (yes, it does work folks... but your Win98 boxes don't support SMB protocol out of the box... try NT or 2K) as well as Apple Talk...

To answer the obligatory questions - this was a clean install (VERY clean - wrote zeros and re-installed OS9 + classic apps before 10.0 then 10.1) - even flashed PRAM at one point to clear up some issues...

OH OH - biggest one that happens all the time + BUGS me. Using a USB mouse attached to the TiBook... optical mouse. If I let the mouse sit for a while and type (it will do it when I move it in a moment, guaranteed), then go to move to to the top-left (think NW), it moves SE, or bottom-right - UNTIL i lift it from the table and move it again. That one is getting OLD, and I've tested the mouse on another computer + know it's not the hardware...

Either way, I'll go get the offical installer tomorrow and re-install the X partition not becasue I think it's a newer version, but I have no idea if this version has been tampered with now and I want to be sure these are real bugs and not germane only to this Image.

(yep - just moved mouse to correct a spelling error and went SE on me :) DAMMIT)

Peace + all -jb


"5G64 is the release version: We have also received word that the release version of Mac OS X 10.1 is the same as the 5G64 build that was previously seeded to developers."


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Just to clarify though, there will be more 5xxx builds, but they will be the 10.1.x builds. Also It should start at 5Hxx since a milestone (the GM) was reached. These builds will probalby be slow in comming though since the 5 seriese was marked stable, they will only be bug fixes.

To all of you who have 5G68, where did you get it from because its not hard to change the build numbers, someone could have just changed the build number to make you feel special.


Because you are using Classic mode for entourage. Go into the Classic Control Panels > energy saver. Click on the advanced options tab, and check "wake for network activity". That may solve your sleep issue.

I use an intllemouse explorer and have had the jumpy optical mouse issue in OS 9 and X. I have also got the same issue on Windows machines.

To me these issues seem trivial. A microsoft app (not carbonized) running in classic that doesn't keep the machine awake seems very minor. And the mouse issue is not a isolated one, it is a known problem with many os's. Wait until the OS X version of Entourage is out, learn to use the trackpad, and enjoy "The Worlds Most Advanced Operating System"




Would say your were right on Classic network operation preferences if you were :) Already set that. For the record, this isn't just Entourage, and it DID NOT occour under Ent. or my friend's 3D app in 10.0.4 - these are new occourences with G64

Same scenario as above - just change all occourences of "app" with "mouse" - same mouse exhibited none of these irregularities under 10.0.4. This is new, too.

I'm not saying that they aren't "trivial" bugs - but with all the steam that's been pumped into 10.1 I was simply suprised to find ANY bugs. G64 is a HUGE advance over 4Q12 - but you're kidding yourself if you think it's bug-free and continue to wave the "it's MS's" or some 3rd party's fault flag... there ARE bugs. Hence I wait now for 10.1.1


Originally posted by buggs1a
classic is by far from over. it will take years to make the transition to os x 100%. my guess is 2002 at earliest or 2003.

If you go back into archives and read the game plan, Classic has a three year life expectancy. In that time you will expect to see some minor upgrades to 9.1 but as with 9.2 already upgrades have appeared which shouldn't be put on other than OSX compatible machines.

In the meantime, software developers may tweak there software a bit as well for classic, but it would be crazy to develop another relase version for OS 8.6 and above.

In that time, the die-hards will come still slowly. I know there are still some companies who refused to change from windows 3.1. Big software investments...
especially with the pricing structures of the early 90's.

Anyway, everybody should do what they like but stop whining so much...


I got a 10.1 update CD on Friday afternoon (the real thing in the Apple wrapping, not a download, not a copy, etc.), and it is G64 release! Guaranteed! I work for an Apple Specialist.


Grabbed the official upgrade package yesterday like a good soldier. Just as an offshoot chance, even though I was running a downloaded G64 release, I installed the official package to see if any of the problems I was having (see above posts) went away.

They did :)

Mouse is running like a champ, classic is obeying laws of energy + rest. I think I DID come across a mislabeled G64 (a G58 re-labeled to spur downloads?)out there in the ether - because I've been running this one for a full night now and have yet ot hit any of the bugs I hit last week. (will have to keep my eyes open for that Logout/Shutdown thing - that was sporadic)

SO - as a word of caution - know your source when getting G64. I won't go so far as to say that there are two versions of G64 {grin}... but I don't think the other one I got from an image is actually it.

So far, I haven't seen anything... tight tight tight. Connecting to shares, as others have said, is a dogged process - not as snappy as Q12, but it doesn't seem to drop the shares (unexpectedly lost connection) as much as Q12 - but this is only a night's worth of usage so I'll have to watch this one as well.


true true

in the previous 64 i had i could not install any drivers (no printing for me), or get php working, now, drivers are there, and i still have to test php, but i have a feeling it will be there.