Remote Log In to An Xserve Using Ard


I am having trouble using Apple Remote Desktop 2.2 to connect to an Xserve...

when I am on my network it works great, when I leave it will not connect...

I also can not connect to individual computers. I have a VPN set up and that works fine.

Thank you for your help!
We need a lot more information about your network to even begin to troubleshoot. Is your server behind a firewall? Router? Have you opened up/forwarded the correct ports to the correct server for ARD?
Thanks for the response... I understand. I is directly connected to DSL line. I have the ports for ARD forwarded and can run VPN. Please let me know what else you need to know.
What IP address are you using to try and connect internally, and what IP address are you trying to use to connect externally?
That may be the problem, if the IP address you're using is an internal IP address -- one that starts with 192.168.something or 10.something... if it's not a security breach, what is the IP of the computer?
when I see it in ARD it comes up for example.... only...should I see something else like Could it be that the DNS name is not correctly set up?
DNS or no DNS, it should always connect via IP address (since DNS is not used for straight IP addresses).

That's strange that it won't let you in from outside... can you describe your network from point-to-point, starting with the outside (the internet) and going to the XServe? (like for me would be: Outside -> DSL line -> DSL modem -> D-link 624 router -> My computer)