Remote PC Server Access


Hi all, the best thing has happened...

My company are paying ffor me to have broadband at home! Yipppeee!
The only thing is how in OSx 10.3.9 do I connect to a PC server network.
Do I just go home click on network and there it is (i doubt it).

How is it done?
What are they providing you with? You will need an IP, a way to get to the server (ie modem, cable, DSL, etc.) and probably a password for the server. Do you have all this information (please don't post the specific info for all to see). To get all of these you will need to get that info from you company. Warning, if you do this your company will be able to monitor you ALL the time plus see EVERY web site you go to.
You'll need to speak to whoever looks after the network at your company and ask them about "remote access" to their network. Larger companies will typically use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution to allow staff to login from outside. Some of these are very easy to run from the Mac (namely L2TP over IPSec and PPTP), just by setting up a VPN in the /Applications/Internet Connect program.

Other VPN systems (such as SINE/Aventail, AT&T Global Network or Nortel) will require you to install some client software on your Mac in order to be able to connect.

Start by asking what you'll need to be able to access the company network remotely, and ask if they already have a solution for Mac. If they don't, find out what they do to setup a PC for remote access, and see if the same settings / software are available on Mac.