Remotely controling MBP in Clamshell mode


Hey all... I'm a novice to networking, so I apologize if some of my questions seem very basic. Here is the senerio:

I have two MBP's (1 very old 15" intel and 1 very new 13") and an iPhone 4s

I want to use my old MBP as a music server. I have a huge eSata drive hooked up to it via Expresscard 34 and it functions so much faster and smoother than USB that I have no desire to switch. I use the digital audio out via mini tos-link fiber optic cable into my DAC which is then fed into my stereo.

The idea is to keep the old MBP closed and tucked away on my self, out of sight, but to control all functionality via the new 13" MBP and iPhone (at least just iTunes with the iPhone).

So, I need to network them to talk to each other but ALSO keep the old MBP from falling asleep with the display closed.

Any suggestions?

This should (may or may not) work:

1) Set the Energy Saver preferences to never sleep anything at all on the 15".
2) Hook up an external mouse and/or keyboard via USB
3) Close the display (the computer should go to sleep)
4) Press a key on the keyboard to wake the computer

That, combined with the "never sleep nothing, never!" settings should keep it awake.

Then, you can use Desktop Sharing from the 13" to VNC and control the 15" computer.

Let me know if we're moving in the right direction here and what you experience with this...