Remove Office doesn't remove


I installed Office 2004 onto iMac 20 with Office X already on the computer then I tried to remove Office X using the "Remove Office" tool. I dragged it out of the "additional tools" folder onto the hard drive as instructed. However, every time I use it to check for old Office files it fines a variety of Office X files (seems like a lot of preferences) and claims it has removed them all - leaves a log on the desktop - and then I empty them from trash. The issues is this never stops, they are always there. Any thoughts?

Also, Office 2004 creates very similar pref files, which would explain why you continue to see them.
I think Microsoft offers the suggestion that you should remove old Office installs before installing a newer version.
The reality is - dragging the Office X folder to the trash, and emptying the trash eliminates the possiblity of opening an older version of Office accidentally, and is all you need to do on the Mac.