Require Password after sleep ...


The General tab of Security and Privacy has a setting to require a password e.g. 15 minutes after sleep or screen saver begins.

I set this just in case my laptop falls into a evil doer's hands. The disk is encrypted. I assume that with all that, I am somewhat safe.

But what I really want is just half of this or split it into two settings. I'd like "Immediately" if I put the laptop to sleep or close the lid but "never" if a screen saver comes up. The "logic" is that a screen saver comes up when I've left my laptop somewhere "safe" and I don't need the added protection. It is most bothersome when I'm playing music from the laptop and doodling around the house. If a good song comes up that I want to turn up the volume for or a bad song comes that I want to skip, I have to log in just to make the adjustment.

Does anyone know if that is possible?

I know that I can avoid going into the screen saver by putting my mouse in a particular place I like my screen saver to come up.
You don’t have the option of splitting that preference in Security but you can lengthen the time before the screen lock is activated.

Or you can disable the screen lock when you are just doodling around the house.