rescue a burnt-failed cdrw


A CDRW / CDR may sometimes fail to be burnt for some reason. In order to make the disk useable and writable again, we can "reformat" or "erase" the CDRW. In a Wintel environment, NERO-Burn works fine. In OSX, I find nothing works other than Toast. I've tried X-org and drutil but they fail to recognize there is a valid media inserted. I wanna find an alternative solution and hopefully it is free.


my very first attempt was using disk utility. it resulted a deadlock. the "beach ball" was spinning forever.


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Heh... if the beachball were spinning "forever," it would still be spinning now and the disk would still be in the process of erasing... ;)

If the burn failed, it may take quite a while for the disk to erase completely. Best bet is to use Disk Utility, erase the disk, and let it sit -- it could potentially take a couple hours.


i c, i just wonder in Toast, the "Quick Erase" function (erases the TOC) takes only 2 mins to complete.


Disk Utility erases just fine as long as you pick the
right thing to erase. The DU window for a CD-RW
looks like

Device Name (in my case PIONEER DVR 106D)
..... Session Name
.......... Volume name

You need to hi-lite the "Device Name" to erase
a CD-RW.

Hope this helps.