Reseller upgrades: Post who has it


Called up two Circuit Cities and they don't have it. (this is on the east coast at least)

Can't get through to my CompUSA, and there's really no info on their website about it. Is it safe to assume all CompUSA's have the update CD's in? It's an hour ride to our nearest one, should I bet on it?

How about the rest of you guys post where you got it/where you can get it, might be helpful to some people.

No one in Austin seems to be distributing it. There was a roomful of ticked off Apple users at Fry's this morning and none of the other local Apple retailers have it either.
The Staples in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA claims to have it. Of course the woman on the phone had to transfer me to someone else after I explained that it was a piece of software. :)
I live in the Inland Empire in SoCal and work in Costa Mesa. Im gonna drive up to the Glendale Apple store today to get it. On my lunch Im gonna check and see if the two local Fry's have it and let ya know. Also Ill check the CompUSA out here and in the IE.

Eric B

You know what sucks. The only Saturday I ever have to work is today =)

At least I downloaded the 64 beta to hold me over =)
CompUSA on 41 (Cobb Pkwy) had 'em this AM - though a bunch of us migrated over to there from Microcenter as their Mac staff was AWOL this AM and no one in the store knew if they had it or not -- POINT BEING that Cobb CompUSA may be out of them by now - call before driving.
Can someone do a better job than Apple at distribution and provide those of us with neglected Apple retailers a disc image of the 10.1 upgrade CD?

CompUSA in Wilmington, DE has it! Went there about an hour and a half ago and grabbed it for meself. They also have the 10.1 retail set for people to buy. Very nice!

Since I'm on the East Coast too, looks pretty good for ya!
Local CompUSA store said they would have it in, 10.1 upgrade, but it hadn't come in yet... and looks like it won't. 10.1 Retail was available.

Interestingly enough, they where only getting in 100 upgrade CDs... more than 100 people were waiting at the store for it... it's the only CompUSA in the Kansas City area... over a million people in KC.

CompUSA/Apple screwed up on this one.

Got it CompUSA Perimeter Mall in Atlanta. They still had at least 50 around 1pm today.
If someone can supply me with an FTP server and let me know whats the best way to create an image (I dont have any CD burning software) I will be glad to upload it.

Went to the CompUSA on the north side of Indy this morning around 10:30. They had 10.1 full, but no free upgrades, BUT they were expecting to get them...just hadn't arrived yet. They were taking down names and phone numbers and e-mail addresses in order of when people showed up (I was aobut 30th) and they're supposed to call us back and then e-mail us if they can't get ahold of us by phone. Still haven't heard yet and I'm considering calling them up to see what the deal is....
Got mine at "THE Computer Store"... dont know if its a national chain or not, but theyre plentiful in Oregon at least. They seemed to have plenty of copies available, didnt need proof of purchase or anything. The specific one I went to was in Beaverton, right where 217 and scholls ferry intersect (more or less).... for anyone thats interested.

10.1 has been nice so far... I feel sorry for all who have been screwed today. Apple really dropped the ball on this one.
Not a single Apple dealer in Calgary, AB has a copy. Nearly 1 million people here at there was only Westworld Computers had a couple of copies, I couldn't get one....
Comp USA in cincinnati ran out

Microcenter doesn't have them yet.

I'm on hold with a staples store at the moment.
After about 45mins on hold, I have discovered that:

1) Staples people have short term minds, and must be asked the same question every time you are placed on hold for 20 mins

2) Staples isn't farmiliar with the term "Operating System" let alone "Mac OS X 10.1"

3) Staples is extremely busy on Saturday afternoons because everyone decided to go there instead of trying to use the phone and waiting on hold, which explains why I was on hold for 45 minutes calling a total of 4 stores.

4) I could allready be 1/3 of the way to Columbus by now... (Apple store)

So, if you live in Cincinnati, Don't bother with microcenter, staples, or comp usa.
CompUSA on Blossom Hill Road in San Jose, CA has the CD, I got it at 9:05 AM this morning.:)

OSX 10.1 rocks, so much faster.

Well the circuit city in Mesa Az didn't have it, and Fry's didn't know what the hell I was talking about so I took a trip up to a local apple seller (ReMac computers, don't think its a chain) and they had it but they said they didn't have many of them.

I didn't even try the local CompUSA, when the new iBooks came out they had the poster up but they didn't have an actual iBook there, and the employee's didn't seem to know what one was... so I just ignore them now.
The Northshore Apple Store had them at 2:30 pm when I wen tthere. I was at the Microcenter in Cambridge at 10:30 am and they didn't have them
I got it! Barely though. Evidently Apple shipped all of 30 copies to the only CompUSA in Indianapolis. I know Indy's not a huge town, but I also know there are more than 30 Mac users here. WTF??

Ah well, time to get installin'....

I went to the CompUsa in Overland Park, Kansas on Metcalf. Is that where you went? I got there at about 6:30 pm after getting back from the NASCAR Busch series race at the new Kansas Speedway. (Great track)

10.1 was supposed to show up at noon but it did not arrive I was told. I got to put my name on a list and they will call me when it gets in so I can pick it up or they will deliver it to me via mail. They said it may be in tomorrow and if not Monday. Said something happened in shipping. They are getting 100 copies.

I say, WAY TO GO COMPUSA! The people in the Mac section in KC are very good and that is great to see. I usually go to Micro Center but they aren't getting the updates. May have to go back to CompUsa more often from now on.

Were you able to get on the list? (There only looked to be about 50 - 75 names on the list. Did everyone leave or something if there were 100 people there when you were?)