Resize Bootcamp Partition And Keep Only Windows 7


Hello everyone!

I have a MacBook Air with two NTFS partitions - 33GB with Windows 7 and 23GB formatted in NTFS holding my data. I have no OSX partition on this device!!
The partition utilty in Windows show the following structure (in that order!):

1) 200 MB EFI Partition
2) 23 GB NTFS Page File, Primary Partition (drive D:)
3) 33 GB NTFS System, Boot, Active, Crush Dump, Primary Partition (drive C:) (previously, this partition had OSx installed)

I want to join partitions C and D so that I do not get a constant message about not enough space on drive C witch contains Windows. Is there any way I can do this without reinstalling Windows simply by playing with partitions and cloning tools? Any advice would be much appreciated!