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new mac user and just wondering if theres a way to change the size of the quicktime player when viewing online videos..or if i can change some setting to open video links in the JUST the quicktime player..thanx for the help

oh and do you guys prefer safari or do you use IE



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When you're on a webpage which has an embedded QuickTime movie, you can look at the source code and look for ".mov", which might show you the URL of the QT-movie. You can open this URL directly from QuickTime player, where you can resize it.


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Or, if the web page directly links to the video itself, you can option-click (or right-click) and save the movie to your desktop. You can then open it in QuickTime player and resize all you want.


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No. Resizing video inside of a web page is not dependent on the player/plug-in used to view the video (at least not with Windows Media or QuickTime).

QuickTime movies that are embedded in web pages are defined to display at a certain size. Unless you have access to the source code of the web page, there is no way to make them bigger or smaller -- think of the layout nightmare a web page with an embedded QuickTime movie would be if you could resize the video -- all other elements on the page would have to shift to accompany the new size of the QuickTime video. Done correctly, it would look ok -- if the page was designed by a layout genius, which we all know happens about 0.1% of the time.

At any rate, the short answer is that you cannot resize a QuickTime video unless you are viewing it in QuickTime player (or another stand-alone player). Most video in web pages is defined to display at a certain size, and if not, the QuickTime plug-in will display the video at it's native resolution and size.


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What fryke and ElDiabloConCaca have said is true.

If you want to watch it bigger, you can cheat. Press Apple + Option + 8, then hold down Apple + Option and use the + and - keys to zoom in and out of the screen. When you're done, press Apple + Option + 8 again to turn it off.