Restore and update


Right, i downloaded the UK AOL beta from AOL 5.0 under 9.1, i then put the installer in the applicaions folder for X, when i restarted to load everything in X, when the little smiley mac thing comes on the screen, there was a kernel panic, followed by loadsa UNIX rubbish and the last thing on the broken screen was "were hanging here" X blatantly refused to load up after that so i restarted using the X cd and re-installed it, fine, but i am back to 4k78, when i was on 4P13 before. so ok i run software update and it gave me the very first update for X which was the little software update thingy, so i ran it again to get the 10.0.1 and it says that my software is up to date! even though when i got to "about this mac" under the apple menu it tells me that i am using 4k78! wot is going on! and has the 10.0.5 update materialized yet? PLEASe help me!
Follow the path
Here you will find package receipts for each installation performed on your OS X machine. Delete the package receipts for each installation you wish to reinstall via Software Update.

FYI Each update will need to be down in order; 10.0.1, then 10.0.2, etc.
Note: BSD.pkg and Essentials.pkg are your initial packages from a full system install. You probably don't want to delete these.