Restoring From Timemachine Dragging On For Days


MacBook Pro running Yosemite. Started the download and install process for El Capitan. Partway through, my WiFi went out and the installation aborted. Got the WiFi going tried to complete the install. The computer would only restart to the Install screen. However, installation repeatedly aborted, showing an info window telling that the installation package was incomplete. Could not restart to Desktop.

Started up from the original Leopard install disk, connected my TimeMachine drive and selected Restore from backup. About 36 hours later, the screen still says “Erasing restore volume [MacBook’s drive name],” with the barberpole progress bar still moving along.

Is this to be expected, or should I click the Stop button and try to start the recovery process again? Or what?

MacBook Pro 17inch early 2009

Aborted installation of El Capitan over Yosemite; restoring from TimeMachine dragging on for days.
I wouldn't do a restore from Time Machine unless it was directly connected to my Mac! If it is taking that much time and you are using a hard disk it might be dying and the original fail was just the start of the failure!
From the Leopard install disk (use the disk to boot the Mac) - run Disk Utility to repair the drive.
Depending on what transpires with the repair will dictate what you do next.