"Return Address" Label maker


I need a program to make fixed labels. I don't need "mail merge" stuff, just the same contents replicated, say, 30 times on, say, a sheet of Avery 5960 labels. I know how to do it once using Word, maybe even using Pages or Address Book. But then I might need to change the label, and I don't want to have to make the change 30 times - just once.

Also I would prefer to avoid the Avery online stuff. Does anyone know of something that might do what I need?
I used to be able to do that with Appleworks using an Avery template. There was an option to print on all labels. Have you thoroughly checked Word &/or Pages for that option?
Appleworks won't run on Mavericks. I suppose I should have mentioned that I need an Intel-Mac solution.

I have played with Word (2004 & 2011) and Pages ('09 and latest) enough to get royally frustrated. But, no, I have not seen any option to print a full page of labels, except for the first time.
I'm sure there's other solutions, too, but The Print Shop does what I need (and likely what you are asking)

It will print a full sheet(s) of standard Avery labels of all types. It will do address mail merge, or just a sheet full of identical labels, and any kind of graphic that you can imagine (or just text)
Just for the record, I was NOT suggesting Appleworks. :)

LibreOffice, NeoOffice, etc. MAY also have such an option.
This is a task for almost every word processing application including Word and Pages. It is also a task for low-brow publishing applications like The Print Shop. I had been using The Print Shop. However, The Print Shop makes it extremely difficult to move mail merge databases from computer to computer. In fact, I have not yet learned how to move a copy of my data merge merge files between my computers at home and work. I switched to Word and have not looked back.

If the OP wants to print multiple copies of a single label, then The Print Shop does an excellent job. However, that is only half the job. If you use only one computer, then The Print Shop will do the other half of the job reasonably well.