RIP Adobe Workspaces


I made my annual visit to Adobe to update some files, and found a grim notice. They are shutting down their Workspaces feature at the end of 2014 and advising all users to copy out anything we want to keep. I didn't read all the fine print, but I suspect they're moving to a subscription model. The "free" model doesn't appeal much to the bean counters.

So I have to find another way to display PDF's on a website. I don't need a load of frills - basically just a way to move from page to page. I tried Google-Docs, but the resolution sucks. My documents do contain images and I don't want them to appear too fuzzy.

Any recommendations?
I already use DropBox for personal stuff, sync-ing among several systems and users. We're all signed up with DB and it's fine. But I manage a website which receives anonymous visitors, and I don't want to force them to us DB or anything else, just to see the contents of a PDF.

With Adobe Workspaces, my visitors don't need to know what agency is displaying the file. To see an example, click here.
Have you looked into ZoHo, Office WebAps, SugarSync, or Copy from Barracuda Networks
Did you ever look at Synology NAS devices. Some of them offer web services and private Clouds?